Monthly Archives: June 2013

RocCityRobotix Website


Our new website needs work.  Here are the first three action items:

1)  If you haven’t turned in your Photo Release Form please download a copy, get it signed, and turn it in to Mr Holloway.

2)  We need a picture for our header.  I recommend an animated GIF image.  For instance we can hack the text in our T-shirt logo image and make the gears spin.  Maybe make the b go up and down as if it were on a rack.  Please send in your ideas.  If you need help making an animation let me know.  I use a program called gimp.

3)  Our website will need rules.  I’ld like to see the rules written by the students.  Please send in your suggestions.

4) Added 5/21/2017.  Ignore this post.  It’s Old.

5) Added 5/21/2017.   Join our team.  We could use students who want to blog and post and maintain our website.